SUN MAY 17 La Goutte Qui Remonte #3 w/ Attic Ted, Zach Dorn, D Nasta, Jooyoung Choi, Jeanne Stern, Raquel Bell, Samantha Gibble, Jonathan Cote, Lacy Rose, and Anonymonstrosity at the Museum of Human Achievement
FRI FEB 13 Experimental Response Cinema Showcase at Dallas Medianale video festival featuring "The Oracle of Ambrosia" directed by Jeanne Stern with score by S.A.
SUN SEP 14 Pagan Pride Fest Zilker Park w/ Nematodes, Dying and Rising at Zilker Park
SUN AUG 24 Hosted by David Nathan, S.A. + J. Stern, Lacy Rose, Mr. Robbie Teardrop (Rob Cohen), C.K. Bailey, at Sahara Lounge
TUE MAY 27 Death In June featuring Miro Snejdr / Herr Lounge Corps, and Dying & Rising, w/ DJs Void and Oliver Sheppard at Elysium
SAT MAR 8 Yeast By Sweet Beast: Future Blondes, Jerri Seinfeldt's Atrophied Sac, Xathax, ST-37, Waco Girls, Andy Hendrix and the Skwaarmalar Machine, Muzak John, Smokey Emery, Sprills of Ore, Dromez, Aunts Analog, Oscillator Sunshine Machine, Anonymonstrosity, Book of Shadows, Paul Baker (video artist) at Chain Drive
SAT FEB 22 TOTAL WAR V w/ Awen and Dying and Rising at The Annex
SAT DEC 21 Gardens of the Ancients Winter Solstice Party, w/ LSJ 1am, Mema 12am, Future Blondes 11am, X=X 10pm, Sprills of Ore 9pm, Ignatius Telles 8pm, S.A. 7pm
TUE DEC 17 Real Live Tigers, S.A. ft. Daniel Salazar, Lee Jaster at Sahara Lounge
FRI DEC 13 Lou Reed Tribute at Flipnotics
SAT NOV 23 Double Feature: "Still 1" film/installation w/ live performance by S. A. at E.A.S.T. + S A. and Kenzie Slottow at Cenoté
WED OCT 30 Halloween Midnight Mass w/ Aurora Plastics Co., Night Viking, Damp Heat, Null Hypothesis, Harsh Dick AntiChrist Project, Wilfred Brimley's Secret Mission, Anonymonstrosity at Chain Drive
SUN OCT 20 Polari Film Festival featuring Still 1 (score by S.A.) at Alamo Ritz
SAT SEP 14 Death In June w/ Awen and Gabhar (now Dying and Rising) at Infest
THU SEP 12 Allah's Night of Praise w/ Anonymonstrosity, The Lichen, Null Hypothesis, Sex Bruises, Gym Mat Nap, Sprills of Ore, Venison Whirled, Aurora Plastics Company, Peasant, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Damp Heat at Club 1808 Annex
SAT AUG 17 Alma Lee, Steve Arceri, Christopher Cook at Cherrywood
SUN APR 14 Capital Zen Songwriters Night w/ Boone Graham, Steve Arceri, David Nathan and friends at Sahara Lounge
FRI APR 12 Wildfires, The Villettes, Math Patrol, S.A. at Cherrywood
FRI MAR 22 Spring Fever w/ S.A., Eldritch Cleaver, Abigail und Hansel, Alma Lee at Cherrywood
SAT JAN 5 Alma Lee, Kaiser Soze, S.A. at Cherrywood
SUN DEC 23 CotFG: Winter Solstice 2012 w/ Thomas McGregor-solo violin, Matt Burnett, Cinders, Alma Lee, Marcus Rubio and Doug Balliet, Steve Arceri, Benoit Pioulard at Salvage Vanguard Theatre
SAT DEC 8 Capital Zen Songwriters Night w/ Boone Graham, Steve Arceri, Riley & Jane, Pietr Diebold, David Nathan at Flipnotics
SUN SEP 16 Big Bill, The Bell Riots, Linen Closet, S.A. at the Legendary White Swan
SUN AUG 19 Woostock on the Boston Commons, w/ Frank Hurricayne, S.A. and many many others (Boston, Massachusetts)
MON JUL 9 S.A. at Cherrywood
WED JUN 27 Austin, TX w/ The Bell Riots, The Flying Buttresses, Math Patrol at Beerland (711 1/2 Red River), 9 PM
FRI JUN 29 Jackson, MS w/ Hunter Stewart at the Mosquito (133 Millsaps Ave), 9 PM
TUE JUL 3 Carrboro, NC at Meadows of Dan (112 Hanna St), 9:30 PM
WED JUL 4 Columbia, SC Spit Fest II at Space Idea (501 South Ott Farm), 3 PM
THU APR 12 Steve Arceri and William Kelley at Ruta Maya
SAT MAR 31 David Nathan, Boone Graham, Pete & the Bluejay, S.A. at Flipnotics
TUE MAR 13 Psychedelic Neofolk Show w/ Book of Shadows, Language of Light, Gabhar, Miss Moonlight, Meri Everitt, S.A. at Cherrywood Coffeehouse
TUE FEB 28 The Scarlet Effect, The Bell Riots, Bubbleface, S.A. at Cheer Up Charlie's
SAT DEC 10 The Garden Party, a benefit for Scarlet Woman Lodge, O.T.O. w/ Awen, Limiter, Thomas Fang, Spagirus, S.A. Art by Hammer Art at Scarlet Woman Lodge
FRI NOV 11 Capital Zen Songwriter Spotlight w/ David Nathan, S.A., Boone Graham, Roo, Jackie Garcia, Matt Grusha at Flipnotics
THU NOV 3 Rabble Magus, The Bell Riots, Amanda Lepre, S.A. at Bernadette's Bar
MON AUG 15 Backyard House Show w/ Joel Kraft, Ghiant, Purrbot, Johnny Bertram, S.A. at Shelby & Tyler's House in Portland, OR
FRI JUL 29 Capital Zen w/ S.A., David Nathan, Jackie Garcia, William Kelley, Anna Noel at Flipnotics
SAT JUL 9 S.A. at Cherrywood Cafe
FRI MAY 27 Benefit for Monkey Wrench Books w/ Quinotaur, Eliens, Sky Burial, Hexcrusher
SAT MAR 19 Sean Ragon (Cult of Youth), S.A., Little Girl (Jackie Garcia) at 5304 Avenue F
SUN FEB 6 S.A. + Jeanne Stern, for Rehearsal at the Astoria (Graham Hudson) at Arthouse
SAT FEB 5 Quinotaur, for Nanobangbang 8 at Victory Grill
FRI FEB 4 S.A., David Nathan and friends at Flipnotics
SAT DEC 11 Winter Wonderland Psychedelic Communion Throwdown w/ S.A., Miss Jackson, LA Cameron, Amanda Hickey and the Bruises, Kaiser Soze, The Daily Brothers, Favored Demise, Venison Whirled / NSFWTC7 (Justin Waters) plus DJ El BJ, The Pyncheons, Abigail und Hansel, Lacuna Incorporated, Devil Bat's Daughter, Night Viking at Cheer Up Charlie's
THU OCT 21 Quinotaur at Cherrywood Coffee House
FRI AUG 20 S.A., The Basement Tapes at Flipnotics
WED JUL 7 S.A., Can U Can Oo, William Kelley at the Moose Lodge
SAT JUN 19 Sackcloth Standard CD release/renew party with S.A., Amanda Lepre, C. K. Bailey, Filbert, Telephone Hat at Cherrywood Coffeehouse
FRI JUN 18 New Media Art and Sound Summit: S.A., Geoff Reacher, The Barbers, Simple Circuit at United States Art Authority
FRI APR 30 S.A., Baurch the Scribe, Mermaid Blonde at the Parlor
THU APR 1 S.A., Hello Listener at the Moose Lodge
FRI MAR 19 Baruch the Scribe, S.A., James and the Douchebags at Genuine Joe Coffeehouse
THU MAR 18 Emil Rapstine, S.A., Tone, My Education, Gifts from Enola at Hot Mama's Espresso
SAT FEB 27 S.A., Descendants of Erdrick at Genuine Joe Coffeehouse
THU DEC 3 Paperthreat, S.A., Space Invader Orchestra at Carousel Lounge
WED NOV 11 S.A., Chef Static, Can Ü Can Oo at Beerland
THU NOV 5 S.A., Colin Swietek, Counterfeit Clones at the Parlor
WED OCT 28 S.A., Precious Blood, Miss Moonlight at the Scoot Inn
SAT OCT 24 S.A., Wax Museum Pandemonium, Danielle Galucki, The Smiling Knights at Cherrywood Coffee House
MON OCT 5 S.A., Ted Serios at the Moose Lodge
SUN AUG 23 - Ralph White, S.A., Miss Jackson at Church of the Friendly Ghost
SAT JULY 11 - Scott Reynolds, Kittens Foosball, S.A., Daniel St. Clair at the Green Muse
SAT MAR 28 The Green Muse Kittens Foosball, Merrie Palmer, Daniel St. Clair, S.A.
FRI MAR 20 Leisure Tourniquet Equinox Mish-mash at Salvage Vanguard Theater w/ Moons, Tambersauro, Medications, Edie Sedgwick, Invincible Czars, Maserati, A.Armada, My Education, The Gary, Front room w/projections by Paul Baker, Amputee, Venison Whirled, Najeeb Sabour, Zanzibar Snails, Space Over Desert, Sharon Van Etten, Hello Lovers, Fires Were Shot, S.A.
Northwest mini-tour:
2/26 Seattle, w/ Tyson Ballew, 1985, Blanket Truth at Full Tilt Ice Cream
2/21 Olympia, w/ Derek Johnson at Le Voyeur
2/19 Portland, w/ Tansy Tarweed and Shelby Sifers at Red & Black Cafe
THU FEB 12 S.A., Mermaid Blonde, The Migrant (Denmark), The Smiling Knights at Moose Lodge
SAT OCT 4 Daniel Horner's 32nd Birthday w/ Aether, My Education, S.A. at Tiniest Bar in Texas
SAT JUL 19 S.A., A Drum and an Open Window (Boston), Toby Foster (Chicago), Counterfeit Clones at Quack's Maplewood Cafe
SAT JUL 12 Brent Adair, Shelby Sifers (Portland), Jordaan Mason (Toronto), S.A. at Clementine Coffee Bar
THU JUN 26 Monkeybite zine release party w/ Amy Quartermain, Jasmine Wagner (Brooklyn, NY), S.A. at Monkey Wrench Books
MON JUN 23 S.A., Redbear, Sean Hood & the Great Outdoors, Real Live Tigers at The Opera House
FRI MAY 30 S.A., The Dialtones, Counterfeit Clones, and Simian Gibbons and the Vengeful Winds of the North at Clementine Coffee Bar
SAT MAY 17 S.A., Hilary York, Colin Swietek at Quack's Maplewood Cafe
THU JAN 17 Benefit for Monkey Wrench Books w/ S.A., Wax Museum Pandemonium, Night Viking, Canopy, The Carnies at Carousel Lounge
SAT DEC 15 Black Star Co-op Beer Social at the Compound
FRI DEC 14 Monkeybite zine release party w/ Night Viking, S.A. at Monkey Wrench Books
WED OCT 31 Hallowe'en carnival of curiosity w/ S.A./Natura Naturata and Dave Keen Conspiracy at Carousel Lounge
SAT JUN 25 Coma in Algiers, Communal Death Duck, Dialog Box, This Dog's a Lion at Mohawk
MON MAY 14 Kris Racer, S.A., Ryan Perrey, Hollywood Gossip at The Green Muse
WED APR 18 Hao Chiang Chiang, This Dog's a Lion, Happy Tingles at Chain Drive
WED APR 25 Real Live Tigers, Karrie Hopper, S.A. at Monkeywrench Books
FRI APR 13 This Dog's a Lion and Woozyhelmet live on KVRX 91.7
SAT APR 7 Dialog Box, S.A. at Downtown Riot (Alice, TX)
THU MAR 15 Follow That Bird!, This Dog's a Lion, Many Birthdays, She Sir, Danny Malone at Hot Tracks!!!
SAT FEB 24 Benefit for Austin Zine Compilation w/ S.A. and Ghosties at Monkey Wrench Books
FRI FEB 23 Hotel Hotel, Divided Like a Saint's, She Sir, S.A. at Mohawk
SAT FEB 17 Erik's birthday bash w/ This Dog's a Lion and AM Syndicate at Charlie and Yvonne's house
WED FEB 7 S.A., Perennial Tuesday, Night Viking at Carousel Lounge
THU JAN 11 Monkey Wrench Books benefit w/ This Dog's a Lion, Attic Ted, Follow That Bird!, Perennial Tuesday, Night Viking, Bright Light Social Hour at Carousel Lounge
SAT NOV 4 Treasure City Thrift Donation Drive, S.A., The Touched, Colin Swietek, Yatsuzaki: [TestType], The Alex Atchley Experience, You Make Engine, Ghosties at Cafe Caffeine
THU OCT 19 The Laughing, This Dog's a Lion at The Mohawk
MON SEP 11 A More Dangerous Type of Silence, Like Dogs, This Dog's a Lion at Plush
THU AUG 31 This Dog's a Lion, Perennial Tuesday, The Easies at The Parlor
SAT AUG 26 Arm the Pit presents "School of Rock" benefit w/ The Noise Revival, S.A., Follow That Bird!, Doug Snyder, Artless Fiction at Andice Community Center
SAT AUG 19 "Green Scare" Solidarity Party w/ This Dog's a Lion, Mindivided, Destroyed For Comfort, DJ Polaris at Rhizome Collective
WED AUG 9 Political Party presents: Madeline, The Door-Keys, S.A., Perennial Tuesday, The Touched at Monkeywrench Books
SAT AUG 5 "Songs of 1986" w/ The Jellydots (CD Release), Max Tolleson, S.A., Yatsuzaki at Cactus Cafe
TUE AUG 1 Political Party "Manifesto" CD Release w/ Wildebeest (Brooklyn), Morrow (Houston), S.A. at Snake Eyes Vinyl
WED JUL 5 One-Man Band Showcase w/ DFI, Eric Harvey, Alex Atchley Experience, S.A., David Israel, Karrie Hopper, Brother Machine at Beerland
THU JUN 22 S.A., Real Live Tigers, Leatherbag and the Cows, Laura Stevenson, David Israel, Karrie Hopper, Larks and Owls at 423 Tillery
TUE JUN 6 Political Party presents: O' Haste Annihilation (Gainesville), O' Pioneers (Houston), S.A., The Lonesome Heroes, Kimberly Freeman at 423 Tillery
FRI MAY 12 S.A. w/ special guests at End of an Ear
WED APR 26 CD Release for The Entire City: S.A. w/ special guests, Pompeii, Kind of Like Spitting (Portland), A Featherweight Burden, Lemuria (Buffalo) at Emo's
SAT MAR 18 Progress Coffee Showcase w/ S.A., Casting Couch, Amy Cook, Handsome Charlies, The Octopus Project, Student Film, Everything's Gone Green, Phosphorescent, Ink, Midlake, Hackberries, The Brokedown, King Tears, Page France, Minutes Til Midnight, The King of France, Tacks the Boy Disaster, El Paso Hot Button, Dusty Brown, Tycho at Progress Coffee
FRI MAR 17 (St. Patrick's Day) Political Party presents: Your Black Star, This Dog's a Lion, O' Pioneers, The Lonesome Heroes, The Lovers, Saw Wheel, Scouts Honor at Monkeywrench Books
FRI MAR 3 Night Viking, The Easies, S.A., Brother Machine at Monkeywrench Books
THU JAN 5 Cue, Quien Es Boom!, Jana Hunter, This Dog's a Lion at Beerland
THU DEC 1 S.A., Kelli Shay Hicks (Brooklyn), Night Viking at Monkey Wrench Books
Woozy Lion Hunter Tour (Woozyhelmet, This Dog's a Lion, and Jana Hunter):
6/17 Santa Fe, NM rehearsal space w/ Jana Hunter
6/18 Tucson, AZ w/ Nowhere Man at Plush
6/21 Los Angeles, CA w/ Spooky Bomb Squad and Rose for Bodhan at The Smell
6/24 Eugene, OR
6/25 Seattle, WA house show w/ Jana Hunter, Bald Eagle, Max Fischer, Matt 1985, and others
6/27 Missoula, MT at Union Hall
6/29 Denver, CO at Herman's Hideaway
6/30 Fort Worth, TX house show w/ Brick Fight
WED JUN 15 Real Live Tigers, This Dog's a Lion at Flamingo Cantina
THU JUN 2 Golden Bear, The Early Tapes, The Press, This Dog's a Lion at Beerland
FRI MAY 6 Benefit for JAN 20 Detainees sponsored by Austin People's Legal Collective w/ Woozyhelmet, This Dog's a Lion, Probate Clerks, Church of the Friendly Ghost
FRI APR 8 Jodie Marston, S.A., Diamond Caverns at Church of the Friendly Ghost
FRI MAR 25 Full Moon Celebration w/ S.A., Night Viking, Lonesome Heroes, Fine Fifteen, The Dave Keen Conspiracy at Monkey Wrench Books
SAT MAR 19 brekekekexkoaxkoax, Fariss/Keller/Reed/Russell, The Devil Bat, S.A. at Church of the Friendly Ghost
SUN JAN 2 S.A., Diamond Caverns, Real Live Tigers, Lamplighter (Walla Walla), Dan Solomon, Fine Fifteen, Shadow of a Bucle at Church of the Friendly Ghost
WED NOV 10 Bee vs. Moth, Chris Black, S.A. at Carousel Lounge
SUN OCT 24 Palfloat presents: Acoustic Massacre w/ Spirit of Natfield Littlecourt, S.A., Chaired at Spider House
WED SEP 29 S.A., Freddy Faggot (Madison), Darling New Neighbors, Jerm Pollet and the Total Foxes at Church of the Friendly Ghost
SUN SEP 12 Bee vs. Moth, Monkeytown, The Butchers, S.A. at Capitol Drafthouse
Southeast Mini-Tour:
7/15 Gainesville, FL w/ The Beautiful Losers, I Can't Remember at Common Grounds
7/19 Athens, GA, w/ Gabriel Young, Christian Lopez at Tasty World
7/23 Murfreesboro, TN, Stitch 'n Bitch banquet at Mouse & Rat's (benefit for Firebrand Community Center) w/ Eggplant Fairies and others
SAT JUN 12 S.A., Paper Doll (DC), OK Rufus at Monkey Wrench Books
SAT MAY 15 Syd Barrett Hoot Nite (benefit for Libby's bike ride to Alaska) w/ Opposite Day, J. Molin, Coffee Sergeants, Karla Manzur, Syd's Portal, Doug Snyder, Kevin Gant, S.A. at Church of the Friendly Ghost
FRI MAR 19 Distress Signal presents: X-ray Eyes, The Envy Corps (Ames), S.A., Tyrone (Louisville, KY), The Basic Shapes at Wooldridge Square
SAT MAR 13 S.A. in-store at 33 Degrees
FRI MAR 5 CD Release for Eyes Like Poisoned Birds: S.A., Cue, The Whale at Church of the Friendly Ghost
THU FEB 26 Cafe Intifada sponsored by the Palestine Solidarity Committee at the Texas Union Patio
TUE FEB 3 S.A., We Talked About Murder, X-ray Eyes at Room 710
THU DEC 18 Kyle Fischer (of Rainer Maria), Chris MacFarland, S.A. at Emo's
Midwest Tour:
11/9 Chicago, IL w/ The Wives, Fourth Rotor, Fifth Hour Hero, Retisonic at Fireside Bowl
11/10 Bloomington, IN w/ The Prisms at Vertigo
11/12 Ypsilanti, MI w/ Kristen Forbes at The Elbow Room
11/14 Madison, WI house party w/ Martin Lund, Freddy Faggot, Screaming Cyn-Cyn and the Pon
11/16 Des Moines, IA w/ The Envy Corps, The Trouble With Sweeney at Vaudeville Mews
11/19 Iowa City, IA at Yacht Club
TUE OCT 7 Beulah, John Vanderslice, S.A. at Emo's
FRI SEP 12 Benefit for Austin Indymedia w/ S.A., Madam I'm Adam, film "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" at New Guild Co-op
TUE AUG 26 Cinematexas Volunteer Party w/ S.A. and others at The Vibe
Texas Mini-Tour w/ The Envy Corps:
6/24 Austin w/ Black Before Red and Astroblast at Emo's
6/25 Houston w/ The Ugly Spirits at Fat Cat's
6/26 Dallas w/ The Southern Sea at Red Blood Club
SUN APR 6 Monkey Wrench Books Anniversary Party w/ S.A. and Herman the German
THU MAR 13 Monkeywrench Music Festival at Chicken Wire Ranch
TUE JAN 14 CD Release for Reverse Vision: S.A., Fozlur, Sad Family at Emo's
FRI DEC 6 Benefit for Austin Indymedia & Monkey Wrench Books w/ Nautilis, Mani Subramanium, Atop, Derelikt, Nightspore, Trey Smith, Chris Clower, Lester Morre, S.A., The Band with a Name Deficiency at Chicken Wire Ranch
SAT NOV 23 Steve's Birthday Show at 503 Coffee Bar
SUN NOV 10 Sause, Sun Vocina, S.A. at Red Eyed Fly
SUN OCT 27 Benefit for KOOP Radio w/ Black Box Ensemble, Sleepwalkers S.A. at Room 710